Tropical country like Indonesia usually having its rainy season during October to April annually. Sometimes the weather can go bad, flooding the road everywhere. Flood is common problem happened in Indonesia every single year at rainy season. Indonesia’s government keep trying and trying to prevent this flood problem every year.

When the weather gets bad, you have to protect your feet and your family from water disaster. Toyobo Boots is the solution. Our products (especially the high cut models) are very protective for your feet from the water. Sometimes flood water contains bacteria and dirty things that can harm us and our family. Some worms even infected people using our feet as “door” to our body. Protecting our feet during water disaster such as flood is really important.

Toyobo Boots offers the best protection for your feet. Our products are proven for anti-slip, waterproofed, and very strong. In some circumstances, Toyobo Boots also offers maximum protection from chemical substances and oil. Not to mention the best raw material we used and advanced technology used during the process. We ensure Toyobo Boots will be highly useful especially during this rainy season.

For those who interested to try our product, you may visit our partner’s shop, or you may contact us for big quantity order.

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