Water & Oil Resistance

Whether you are working in an oily or wet environment, Toyobo Boots provide the best protection for your feet.

Chemical Resistance

Designed to protect your feet from harmful chemical substance such as caustic soda or acid.

Slip Resistance

You will not risk yourself to slip and fall if you choose the right boots. FYI, Toyobo Boots are slip resistant.

Metal Chip Resistance

Provide the best protection for your feet in the place full of metal chip and grinded, drilled metal strands.

Heat & Cold Resistance

Designed to withstand extremes in hot orĀ cold temperatures for active workers.

Safety Toes

Any time you find yourself working in a situation where heavy objects could potentially fall in your vicinity, safety toes can prevent serious foot injuries.

Electrical Hazard Protection

Manufactured to protect against the hazard of coming into contact with live electrical circuits, electrically charged conductors, parts or apparatus.

Soft Lining

A boot should protect its wearer, yet it must be comfortable to wear. Soft lining will make your feet feel safe and comfortable on the same time.

Excellent Quality

We ensure every process is strictly controlled to produce an excellent grade of quality.

Toyobo Boots has the top features of what a boot should have. Designed and manufactured for your full protection, yet it is comfortable for your daily activities.