Today when we’re on our way to our office, we spotted someone standing on the pedestrian of the street, sweeping and cleaning. What comes catchy in our eyes was the boots he wore. From our car we can barely see that is Toyobo Boots! So we decide to stop by and do some interview.

As we approached this bapak-bapak (that’s what we called a gentleman in Indonesia), it was easier for us to see that he was wearing TYB 8808 model! And we asked him some questions especially about the boots he’s wearing.

“It is my job to clean the city park every morning. My friend usually sprays the street, pedestrian, and it is my job to sweep the water over and make sure everything is clean,” Mr. Rumadi explained. When he was questioned about the boots he wore, he answered “This boots are really nice. I mean, really nice. They are very strong, good quality, and I don’t afraid of being fell over or slipped. Besides, it is really comfy to wear. The material inside is soft and comfortable to wear everyday.”

We said thank you for his job everyday to keep the city park clean, and then we left. We didn’t say much about who we are. Beside, a honest testimonial from Toyobo Boots user are the best, and we write them on our blog. Go Toyobo!

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