Do you know that the boots shoes we wear daily in the market, on the site, or in the garden, was once called Wellington shoes? This kind of shoes was first popularised by Arthur Wellesley, first duke of Wellington. He asked his shoemaker to modify his 18th-century Hessian boots. The result is a boots with calfskin fabrication, removed trim, and fit more closely around the leg. This Wellington boots quickly achieved popularity as the choice of footwear for hunting and riding horses at that time.

These boots even more quickly reached popularity after their wearer reached the victory of war and have themselves in painting along with their boots. Wellington boots became more popular. In first and second world wars, Wellington boots were modified using rubber raw materials for soldiers to walk on the muddy ground like swamp.

After the world war ended, Wellington boots became popular among the elderly, youngsters, men and women, as resistant wet weather (rain) shoewear. Now Wellington boots are modified according the needs and conditions of the wearer. For example, Wellington boots made of rubber is made for wearers work a lot on the muddy ground, or leather fabrication to warm feet in the winter, or even have a layer of iron on the toe to protect workers from the risk of the fall of heavy objects.

Wellington boot is now known as the boots and widely used in a variety of conditions and situations. We proud to make and produce boots with latest machinery and high quality materials. And now, Toyobo Boots has spread throughout Indonesia, even export to the other countries across the world.

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