In this short article, we want to clarify again the shoe size chart of our product: Toyobo Boots. Many of our customers still confuse about our sizing. In Indonesia, common used size chart is European size chart (usually for adults size 37-44). But in Toyobo Boots, we used two kind of chart: European for our high cut boots, and Japanese for our low cut boots.

Our products using the European size chart is usually the high-cut boots, for example TYB 12568, 8808, and 8809. We use this chart for it’s common in Indonesia and South East Asia market. Meanwhile our low-cut boots (TYB 1333, Phantom, and Tracktion) using the Japanese chart. This is because these models usually exported to Japan (yes, we do have huge customer in Japan) so it needs to be familiar with Japanese.

If you want to buy our products and still confused about how the size conversion, please do refer to this image below.


Overall, European or Japanese chart, the quality of material we used is still the best and so do the products. Strong and comfortable, lots of benefits especially in this rainy season. Contact us to order more, or visit our reseller in marketplace (Tokopedia or Bukalapak) to buy the best protection for your feet.

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