It’s summer, and for may farmers it’s time to harvest the crops!

Every year in tropical country such as Indonesia, many kinds of crops are harvested in the summer time. Corns, onions, pineapples, and pumpkins are harvested during summertime. Farmers know best and they prepare for the harvest.

Some of the farmers ordered Toyobo Boots 8808 from us during this season and we asked their testimonials. “Every summer we harvest crops. So we need to go in and out the farm many times in this season. Wearing Toyobo Boots 8808 is the best choice for our feet protection. To do our job effectively, we have to wear something nice yet protective for our feet. And here is Toyobo Boots,” said Tarno, one of the corn farmer.

Toyobo Boots, our boots, made for best protection for your feet while comfort at the same time. So no wonder Toyobo Boots 8809 is the best choice for field workers such as farmers.

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