Every now and then, people use footwear to protect their feet from harmful environment. Too long soak in water (especially dirty water like rain water) can be harmful to our feet’s skin. One of the most common problem every people face in this rainy season, especially in tropical countries, is rainy season. Driving motorcycle on this season can be challenging. We need to stabilize our motorcycle while riding it in wet and slippery environment. Sometimes the driver ignores the safety of our feet. They wear shoes or sneakers (not waterproof) and get wet, and it can harm our skin.

This is the solution. Toyobo Phantom, Tracktion, 1688 or 1333 – our mid cut boots line designed for motorcyclist and bikers. It is higher than any other mid cut boots (about 20 cm high), not knee high, but still protect your feet very well. Made by selected PVC material, processed by latest technology, and supervised very carefully. Our mid cut boots surely answer the needs of every motorcyclist and bikers out there in this rainy season.

For additional information, our mid cut boots using Japanese size chart. (25-27 for example), and you can convert it into EU size using the chart on our previous posts.

Toyobo Boots – we have answers to every of your needs. Wherever environment you’re working on, picking the right boots can be crucial. So, protect your feet and give yourself a reward.

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