If a city is clean, who takes responsibility for this? The whole city, because they don’t litter.

But if a city is dirty, who will clean it? The person behind cleaning all the city and streets and canal, are the pasukan kuning (or yellow soldier). These guys clean the street and canal daily. They are unseen and anonymous hero that keeps the city clean.

And I saw something different on the canal near my house. Somebody, one middle-aged man, cleaning and picking the litters from the canal near my house, under the sun. His boots is bright yellow, and quickly I noticed that is Toyobo TYB 8809. So I approach that man.

“Hello sir,” I greet him. “What are you doing in this noon, under that shiny-hot sun, sir?”

He seems surprised seeing somebody’s watching him. “Oh, I’m cleaning the canal from trashes and litters. And after that I have to report my duty to office,” he answered.

“Oh.. good luck,” I said.

“Thank you,” and he’s back to work.

I’m still standing there for a couple minutes, watching him doing his job without complains and regrets. Truly I pay respect to this man, the anonymous hero who always keep our city clean and tidy. He doesn’t complain, he doesn’t regret. He doesn’t blame people who litters at all.

So, if you have respect to this people like I do, please stop littering immediately.

And then I left, without even asking his name. But my respect is always with him.

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