“What is criteria for perfect footwear in the field?” Sometimes people keep asking the same question when choosing footwear. To pick a perfect footwear means you need to review these following questions.


What will you need the shoes for? Some people needs extra protection for their feet because they work on some risky environment. Some people needs shoes which cannot slip easily. Some people needs protection from the heat or cold. Define what will you need your shoes for. If you want to go on a vacation, just pick slippers or sneakers for example.


Where are you need the shoes most? If you’re working on a construction site, you need steel toecap boots to give you protection from falling objects. Or if you’re working on a farm, all you need is basic and secured boots to prevent water and mud contact with your feet.

How long?

How long will you wear your shoes? Some people wears it all day. Some people just several hours. For those need it whole day, all you need from a footwear is its convenience. Toyobo Boots are designed to keep your feet protected and comforts at the same time.

So after answering these 3 simple questions, it is easy to pick the perfect one for the your daily needs.

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