Good boots always picked and used everywhere. This time we spotted a kitchen staff of one of the biggest retailer in Indonesia wore Toyobo Boots! We saw (and documented) this when we had our dinner at one of biggest mall in Surabaya. Being curious, we approach the staff and asked about how he feels about the boots he’s wearing.

“I need to go back and forth to the cold storage to take some meats and stuffs. This boots I’m wearing (Toyobo Boots) is great. It can handle cold and wet environment, prevent me from slipping. Very nice!” said Dimas, the kitchen staff.

The type Dimas and his friends wear everyday is TYB 8809 in white. Why white? White means clean, hygiene. Cooking means you have to stay clean everytime, right? Toyobo Boots are great in any working environment, safe, protect feet, and comfort to wear.

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