Our feet are one of the most important part of our body. So we need extra cautious to protect our feet from harmful substances. Wearing safety boots for workers in the construction site is a must. The difference between regular boots and safety boots are on the metal toe cap. On safety boots, it has an extra layer of protection from metal. There are some benefits wearing safety boots for construction worker.

Protection from accident

In construction site, many heavy materials are in risk to drop and harm our feet. The metal protection toe cap prevents heavy materials to directly hit our toes.

Protection from slipping

Boots are essential for slip protection. In construction site (sometimes very high) your feet need a very strong grip so your feet can stay on the ground. You don’t want to slip and fall, aren’t you?

Protection from heat

Some workers work in hot environment, and sometimes even fire and electricity. Boots can protect our feet from direct contact with fire or electricity.

Protection from sharp objects

Boots can protect our feet from sharp objects like shattered glass, sharp iron, or anything that sharp that can hurt our feet.

Protection from chemical substances

It can also protect our feet from chemical substances because the material itself is very thick and made from rubber.

We recommend Toyobo Boots EN-12568, our safety boots with metal steel toe cap for your maximum protection. Whether you work in construction site with full of risk, or in the kitchen, wearing boots is the safety regulation you cannot ignore for your own safety. Visit our catalogue for more information.

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