Do you know that hookworm larvae can enter our body through barefoot that comes in contact with infected soil?

There are several worms out there, and some of them can enter our body just by having contact with our skin (even only feet). Hookworm is one of them. Its larvae can enter our body through barefoot comes in contact with infected soil. The soil which infected by its egg or larvae is on the farm. It is heavily advised not to go barefoot all the time especially when you stand on a soil.

Once it enters the body, it will start to go to travel through the lungs to the intestine, where they will grow into adults. Like other parasites, hookworms are spread when an infected person does not use a latrine but defecates outside. The soil becomes infected with worm’s eggs. The eggs hatch into larvae and the larvae burrow through the skin into the body. Others will be easily infected especially if they go barefoot.

To avoid the parasites infection, it is heavily advised to wear shoes all the time. Protect your feet from the infection of the parasites. Do not go barefoot on soil or in the garden. For you who work in the field like farms or gardens, we suggest Toyobo Boots 8808 or 8809. These boots can protect not only your feet from being contact with the soil, but also prevent slip and resist water.

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