What is the essence of a pair of boot? It is to protect your feet from harmful substances and prevent you from slipping. The best classic boots model we have are TYB 8808 and 8809. These models are twins: identical color line, but slightly different style. These two models also the classic models for boots: knee high, and total protection. But don’t be fooled by the old-looking model. These two models are the best selling boots of Toyobo boots line. We put special attention in making these shoes, using the best plastic materials, produced in high technology machines, and quality double checked.

The lining of the shoes also very nice and smooth. Give you best protection from the outside, yet comfortable inside. Classic, but also with many refinement for old model of boots. They are TYB 8808 and 8809. If you’re looking for standard boots with best protection and comfort to wear, Toyobo Boots is the answer.

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