We already featured our complete features in our homepage. There are so many benefits wearing our Toyobo Boots in your working environment (also depends on your needs of protections). Are you working on a site with many sharp objects, or maybe wet, muddy, and slippery, or maybe easily burnt by fire or hot objects? Some maybe working on a site with heavy objects potentially fall in your vicinity. Yes, we do have one answer for all your foot safety and protection: Toyobo Boots.

Yet our best seller model are Toyobo 8808 and 8809 for your daily footwear, no matter you work in a wet and slippery environment, or maybe on a building site with many sharp objects. For you who need extra protection for your toes, Toyobo EN-12568 is the answer. The extra metal layer on the toecap can protect your feet. And for you who have active lifestyles and drive motorcycles, we recommend Toyobo Phantom for you. Fashion meets protection, it is Toyobo Phantom.

Do not hesitate to contact us for inquiry which boots suits you the best. Toyobo Boots can give you maximum protection for your daily working activities.

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