hypermart toyobo boots

This week, we, Toyobo Boots, extends our relationships with one of the giant retailer in Surabaya: Hypermart. Hypermart is one of the biggest retail store selling almost everything you need, from food, household needs, groceries, even consumer electronics such as television set, mobile phones, tape recorder, and many more. You can find almost everything you need here in Hypermart.

Hypermart orders Toyobo Boots 8808 in white color for its employees who worked in the poultry and fish area. Usually the employees need to go back and forth in and out the cold storage and the kitchen. So they need their feet to be protected by some boots which anti-slip and waterproof such as Toyobo Boots 8808. White color is chosen because it’s reflected the color of cleanliness and (looked) hygiene (that’s why all lab jackets are in white color).

This marks the whole new level in our relationships with big merchants and vendors. Thank you, Hypermart for trusting us!

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