This is a topic we ever talked about in the past: how to measure our feet to get the perfect shoe size. We still got a lot of questions from our readers and customers how to pick the perfect shoe size for them, especially for boots. So in this post, we will try to enlighten a little for the size of boots shoes.

First the size. Toyobo Boots got two sizing for our products: European and Japanese size. Due to difference of molding we use for the sole, we use European size chart for high boots such as 8808, 8809, EN-12568, Zetta, Giga, 8833, and 8805. As for mid cut calf height boots such as Tracktion, 1333, and Phantom, we use Japanese size chart. Commonly used in Indonesia is European size chart (such as size 38 for women and 42 for men etc.) . For those who unfamiliar with Japanese size, please refer to conversion table below for more precision. To pick a perfect size for your boots, just use the shoe size you usually have. Do not +1 size (make it 1 size bigger ).

european vs japanese shoe size chart

Second the height. Toyobo Boots got two kind of height for our boots. High boots are usually knee high and approximately 40 cm high. For middle cut calf height boots, the height of the boots is 30-35 cm. High boots are usually worn in environment that needs more feet protection (construction site, slippery kitchen, etc), and middle cut one are more fashionable thus can be worn when driving motorcycle.

Third, the usage and benefits. High boots are more likely to protect our feet from dangerous materials and environments. They cover about half of your legs. If you work on such a dangerous environments, pick the high boots.

So now you know how to pick the perfect boots for yourself. We really hope you visit our product catalogue to find the perfect boots that suit you. Toyobo Boots, the boots expertise.

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