Last month we did ask question to our customers about what color they prefer for their daily work or wear for Toyobo Boots. The results are quite vary depend on what industry they’re working on. Here are the results of what color of Toyobo Boots you prefer.

For those who work on the construction site, they prefer yellow color with steel toe-cap for extra protection. Toyobo Boots seri EN-12568 is their choice, and yellow color is the most favorite.

For those who work in the food industry (including raw material such as seafood industry, and kitchen), they prefer white color. White symbolises the color of cleanliness and sterility. As for those who work in the kitchen in the mall, they also prefer white. White is looked better on the eyes of the mall customers. We recommend TYB 8808 or 8809 for this occasion.

For those who work on outdoor activities (road sweeper and sewer cleaner), green is the most favorite. This color matches perfectly with their uniform. Black color is the second favorite. Once again we recommend TYB 8808 and 8809.

And for factory production’s worker, the factory doesn’t require any particular color for their employee, but we asked the employees what is their favorite color. And blue comes out as number one. Black comes in second, and yellow third. For factory workers who need full protection for their feet, we recommend TYB 8808 and 8809. But for those who need to protect only small part of their feet, TYB 1333 is the answer.

So, if you get to chose footwear to protect your feet on daily basis, what color will you pick? Let us know.

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