It’s rainy season again. This year, it’s quite late than previous years. Usually rainy season starts at around October, but this year, on early December the weather is still not too wet. Just like every past years, rainy season means we will deal a lot with water and rain. Those who work outdoor seriously need boots to protect their feet.

In previous years, we supply boots for SAR team for their work during the wet season. Our boots worn on wet and hard environment such as jungle or river.

Some of the construction company also order more than usual during the rainy season. It’s for their project worker and employees. Some factories also order more during the wet season.

In this rainy season, you need more protection for your own feet, as well for your employees feet. We recommend all the line of Toyobo Boots for your maximum protection. Water and chemical resistance, slip resistance, strong, and comes in many various colors. And now, we welcome the rainy season of 2018 with more preparation.

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