One of the dangerous occupation is working on a construction site. In 2016, nearly 6.5 million people working at over 250,000 construction sites, and fatalities rate accounted around 21.4% in 2015. Therefore, safety protocols on construction sites are critical.

Some potential hazards of construction site’s workers could face include:

  • Fall from heights
  • Scaffold, or trench collapse
  • Electrocution
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Failure to use the required Personal Protective Equipment

It is the responsibility of every employer to ensure the safety of their workers. Here are some examples for safety protocols on construction site:

  • Analize worksites – by doing so, we can identify any potential hazards and plan to eliminate them. Workers must wear or use protective equipment depend on specific environment they are working on.
  • Check equipment and machines / tools – some accidents happen from machine failures. Therefore, checking the equipment and machines or tools regularly can help prevent these unwanted things happen.
  • Use clear signage – Signage should be used everywhere to raise caution of the workers, and alarms them. Emergency numbers and clear direction also needed to be provided 24-hour.
  • Site Security – Restriction is always needed. Employer must have system to control who’s in and out, to prevent unwanted hazards happen to workers or any other person.
  • Personal Protective Equipment must be provided – such as helmet, safety glasses, vests, and anti-slip footwear (boots) are necessary. They protect workers against debris/cut and keep them safe.

To minimize the risk, employer must also train the workers to do some tasks, or what to do in emergency situation. Besides, workers also need to be trained on new equipments or tools. Employer needs to update the security issue, train the employees, and raise caution on how important safety issues on construction sites are. Ensuring safety for all workers in a construction site takes more than just implementing a safety program or rules.These rules have to be followed every day by not only workers, but also supervisors and project managers, to help prevent further accidents or injuries.

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