In this post we would like to greet and congrats East Borneo (Kalimantan Timur) as new province to host the new capital city of Indonesia. Chosen cities (or areas) are North Penajam Paser and Kutai Kertanegara.

“East Kalimantan has a low risk of natural disasters, be it forest fire or earthquake, and the location is also strategic as it is in the center of Indonesia, and close to developed cities,” said President Jokowi on 26th August.

Also, according to the president, moving the capital city from Jakarta to Kalimantan Island would increase the equity and equality of the country’s economic development.

The construction and development for the new capital will be worked in several phase, such as construction for government buildings, official housing, facilities (education, health, public), institutions, and infrastructure (electricity, fresh water, roads).

National Development Planning Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro said the new capital city development would not destroy forest and peatland covering most of the Island’s area. “The area (that will be developed as a new capital city) is vacant. Thus it will not disrupt the forest,” Brodjonegoro said.

We, Toyobo Boots, once again congrats East Borneo for this good news. May we build this country together into a better Indonesia. Long live Indonesia!

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