Boot shoes have been adapted throughout history to fit the needs of the wearer and the culture. Materials made into boots are vary, but the purpose remains the same: to protect its wearer’s foot from outside elements. Some boots are made to protect our foot from harmful substances such as chemical liquids. Some made to prevent us slip. Some boots give warmth to its wearer therefore to protect from cold weather.

The ingredients making a boot depends on the purpose. If you’re looking for winter boots that can protect from snow or cold, choose boots’ lining made from fur or wool. If you’re looking for protection against heavy objects while working on construction sites, choose the one with steel toe cap. (Quick note: we do have TYB EN-12568, boots with steel toe cap and extra protection, suitable for construction or mining field staffs.) If you simply looking for foot protection from water and slip, choose boots made from plastics. We do have many many types of boots that will suit every field condition and situation.

Toyobo Boots also has ankle-high boots model, suitable if you want some protection for your foot while riding a motorcycle. They looked kinda stylish though.

Pick the boots that suits your working circumstances and fields. Define what you need for your foot protection. And don’t forget to check out our collection of boots here.

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