Rainy season is coming. Every half year we experience the rain in almost 6 months. Some love it, some dislike it. For one who dislike the rainy season caused by their activity (maybe outdoor) hindered or afraid of being wet, now no more. We give you some tips to keep yourself active during the wet season.

Prepare the raincoat or umbrella whereever you’re going

If you depend on motorcycle to go anywhere, we suggest you to prepare some raincoat inside the trunk of your motorcycle. We suggest you to bring some shoes raincoat, or slippers in exchange for your shoes, or better, the rain boots. (We do have some nice collection for rainy season boots. Be sure to check those out.) The rain boots can keep your feet and shoes dry while driving in the rain.

If you travel from one place to another on foot or by car, we suggest to bring umbrella. No need big umbrella, a small one will be nice. To keep yourself dry from the rain.

Find some shelter

Sometimes the weather can be very harsh. If you find yourself under heavy rain or storm, it is better for you to stop your trip for a while and find some shelter (inside a mall, or restaurant, or any shelter). Avoid driving or riding or walking under the storm. Sometimes it can be very dangerous. Oh, and avoid sheltering under a tree.

Watch out for slippery road

Rain and water can make the road slippery. Puddle during and after the rain can sometimes be very dangerous too. If you have to ride under the rain, be careful with the slippery road, or puddle. Sometimes puddle can be sign of a bad road, or worse, a pit.

Those are the tips for you to keep active during the rainy season. Always stay safe on the road, guys.

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