In early 2020, heavy rains overwhelmed Jakarta, and the water floods almost entire city. It is said the worst for a decade. It submerged a dozen districts in Jakarta, many of which had never previously been inundated. Flooding in Jakarta now becomes a serious problems need to be solved together, not only by government, but by citizens.

Start by doing small things we can do.. One of them is to stop throwing the thrash into the river. Sanitation is and will always become one of the biggest problem to struggle with everyday, especially in big city like Jakarta. Many people aware that by throwing thrash into the river will cause the drains stuck, and yet they’re still doing it. Thrashes and garbages are always big city problem.

On the other hand, sewers and drains must be cleaned regularly to prevent it from blocked by thrashes or garbages. Pumps need to be ensured working at all the time, especially prior to heavy rain.

Another small things we can do as a good citizen is to reduce the usage of plastic bags. As we know, plastics are hard to dissolve. They can still remain as plastics for a long time. Plastic also blocked water flows in the drainage. By reducing plastic usage, we can keep our environment better, and greener.

Let’s do small things in our daily life for a greener, better earth and environment we live in.

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