For construction workers, safety equipments can be their lifesaver on daily basis. Workers worked on construction site, should follow a very strict safety regulations and safety plans. Along with it, safety equipments can protect them from injury and harm. Here are basic safety equipments for construction workers.

Safety helmet

Or sometimes called hard helmets. This one is to protect the head from injury due to impact with objects, or falling objects.

Safety Vest

Usually made from bright, neon color fabric, used for high visibility due to their reflective material.

Safety Gloves

To protect hands from wire punctures, cut, and abrasions.

Safety Shoes

Usually they come with steel toe cap to protect feet from cut, and injury due to falling objects. Toyobo Boots safety shoes are available here.

Safety Glasses

Or Goggles. To protect eyes (and faces) from wind blast, corrosive chemicals, particulates, and radiation.

Safety Earmuffs

To protect ears from hearing loss due to extreme noise from engines.

Safety Masks

Masks are worn to protect from respiratory hazards such as gases, fumes, and dusts.

Those are seven basic safety equipments for construction workers. Be sure to wear them on the site to ensure your own safety.

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