The world is facing a very serious problem at the moment. It’s the global pandemic that almost nobody predict before. The coronavirus disease, called Covid-19, are a very serious threat to all people in the world. No matter who you are, young or old, it can infect you.

In Indonesia, per today (17 April 2020), more than five thousand people are infected. Indonesia’s capital Jakarta has the most case among all, and after that, province of West Java on the second place who has the most case.

This is a very serious problem for us all.

Government had warned us to keep our social (and physical) distanced each other. Since we yet don’t have the vaccine for this Covid-19, stay at home and avoid public areas are the best thing we can do to keep us and our family safe.

But still, out there, there are still many people don’t know the importance of physical distancing and why it can help us keep us safe. We find one of the best explanation video out of the internet wilderness and attach it here. Hope it can help you understand more about physical distancing and why it’s very important.

And we hope you and your family always safe.

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