As leader of footwear industry, we put a very strict health protocol in our factory following the new normal procedure as instructed by our government. This is to ensure our production line can run in full capacity, also to ensure none of our employees infected by Coronavirus.

Every employee must run temperature check everyday before enter the building. We also strongly enforce mask policy. Every employee must wear mask (with/out faceshield) while working on premises. It is now compulsory for every guests and employees to wear masks when they are in factory, enclosed or open space. We also enforce physical distancing between employee at least 1.5 meter.

Head of management, William Salim said: “We always follow government’s guidance for this new normal phase. Also, the guidance is to protect our employees, workers, and staff from this dangerous virus. Mask is a must when you are in this building.”

2 thoughts on “Health Policies in New Normal

  1. We need boots with a height of 37 and a size of 40s in large quantities around 500,000 – 1 million pairs. If interested, please submit the best price with this quantity. we hope your prices are very competitive and cheap. we are ready to contract. please respond to my request. Thank you

    1. Hi, thank you for your inquiry. For further communication about price and order, please contact one of our representative (the phone number in this website). Thank you.

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