We received chat and question regarding Toyobo Boots shoe size chart for knee-high boots and ankle-high boots. So, here we repost our Toyobo Boots shoe size chart.

Boots tinggi, or knee-high boots, are in European size, ranged from 38 to 44. Meanwhile for boots pendek, or ankle high boots, we use Japanese size, ranged from 25 to 28. In Japanese size chart, numbers also represent the length of the foot. If the size is 26, it means 26 cm. Easy to remember.

Why do we use different chart for boots tinggi and boots pendek? This is because we use different mold and machine to produce the outsole.

The knee-high boots articles are Toyobo 8805, 8808, 8809, 8833, Giga, Zetta, and safety shoes EN-12568. As for the ankle-high boots articles are 1688 and 1333.

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