In this Q3-2020, we enter the new normal era. Even the Covid-19 numbers still soar in Indonesia, however, we need to save the health and economy. So starting from June 2020, Toyobo Boots has implemented very strict health protocol in our factory and office. Every employee, employer, guest must wear mask and rapid tested regularly, to ensure the safety of our employees.

The strict health protocol also doesn’t hinder our production line and capacity. We make sure that every production line works properly. It is a challenge for us how to make the production line runs while maintaining the safety protocol. To keep our employees safe, and in the same time, to deliver the best of our product to our customers.

We will keep our eyes and ears to government’s guidelines and follow them.

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    1. Halo, untuk fast response pricelist kami bisa hubungi di sales representative kami di salah satu nomor telepon yang berada di bawah website ini ya. Terima kasih.

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