It’s been starting for another rainy season again, making footwear choice a nightmare for people who travel or ride with motorcycle. The good news is, we, Toyobo Boots, are providing the range choice of boots for the rainy season. Here are our picks for you to wear in rainy days.

Toyobo 8833/8805/8808/8809

These four articles (TYB 8833, 8805, 8808 & 8809) are the choice for common used for rainy season. You can almost use these articles in many places. Whether you work in cold storages, or walking in wet environment such as wet market, you can always count on Toyobo Boots. The boots will give you protection from harmful substance and material.

Toyobo 1688 & 1333

These are ankle boots and perfect for you who don’t want boots too big and high. The height approximately 26 cm. Made with high quality material, these models of Toyobo Boots can provide protection for your feet.

Toyobo Phantom & Tracktion

For motorcycle drivers, you need a protective and stylish footwear. Luckily, Toyobo has not only one, but two articles for which are really made for motorcycle drivers. Toyobo Phantom and Tracktion. They can protect you from water splash while driving motorcycle and give stylish looks for you.

So, these are the boots articles or models of Toyobo Boots you can use to protect your feed during rainy season. For more information about our products, do not hesitate to contact our sales representative (telephone numbers are on below section of this website).

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