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Indonesian Government has urged the public to constantly follow health protocols despite the slowdown in Covid-19 cases in some provinces and cities in Indonesia. Many of us already knew, but here are some suggestion, simply to remind us again the importance of following health protocols.

Washing hands

People always tend to touch their eyes, nose, mouth, hundred times in a day with their hands. And sometime, hands, can be contaminated by germs or viruses. It is safe to always wash our hands under flowing water and use soap. You can always sanitize your hands with hand sanitizer if you have no access to water to wash hands.

Always wear masks

Some people might have a high mobility, causing uncertainty whether  he/she in sterile condition or not. Therefore, wearing face mask especially in public places is a must. Mask prevent our droplets spread, and in the same time, “filtering” the air we breath.

Physical and Social Distancing

Stand or sit at least 1.5 meters away from other people. Avoid crowds. Queue by standing a little bit further than other people. By doing so, we are less chance to get infected by others.

In Indonesia, these 3 actions are called 3M: Mencuci tangan, Memakai Masker, and Menjaga Jarak. By doing this 3M in public places, we are saving other people, ourselves, and medics.

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