Annually, monsoon season starts from November to March. This year, a little bit late, starts from December. In first week of December, heavy rain pours almost every day, temperature drops, and the weather is very windy. It is not a very ideal condition to go outside. Also, wet season is not very good for you health. But it’s inevitable. So we will give you some tips to stay active and healthy in this rainy season.

1. Good and healthy food

Consume good and healthy food to increase your body immunity. Especially in this whole pandemic situation, take care of your body is a must thing to do. Take less junk food, and eat more healthy food, such as vegetables and fruits.

2. Vitamin intake

One of the easiest way (and cheapest way) to boost your immunity is by consuming vitamins. Vitamins in many shape and form, are available in common drug store. Just pick one or two, consume it daily for better and stronger body.

3. Keep hydrated

Don’t forget to drink enough water daily to keep your body hydrated all the time, especially if you spend most of your time doing activities outdoor. Water is essential for our body.

4. Bring umbrella or rain coat, and your rain boots

Umbrella is essential in wet season, even though you travel by cars. Rain coat is another essential if you travel by motorcycles. Rain boots are necessary as well, to protect your feet from slippery surfaces and your body. Ehm… Toyobo Boots has many ranges of models and colors for you to pick in this rainy season. Be sure to check out our collections. 😉

5. Bring some spare clothes

Bring some spare clothes with you. You don’t want to risk sitting and working whole day in wet shirts, right?

We wish you and your family always in good shape. Stay healthy, stay active.

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