Working in farm or ranch will be very challenging. Farmers or ranchers have to deal with mud and wet environment every day. Sometimes the mud can be very slippery and it can harm. Sometimes the mud contains unseen dirt, worms, or roots. Therefore, farmers and ranchers need maximum protection for their feet.

Most Toyobo Boots models and articles are designed for this environment. Toyobo 8805, 8808, 8809, Giga, and Zetta are knee high boots perfect for working in farm and ranch. Our boots give protection from wet and mud (and all the harms from the mud). Toyobo are also slip resistant, so you will reduce risk of falling and slipping. Besides, Toyobo Boots also provide protection from metal chip, worms, or roots splinter.

So, if you are farmer or rancher, Toyobo Boots will be the perfect footwear for you by giving you the maximum protection for your feet.

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