Last week, one of our followers sent us one interesting photo he found on the street. It is the picture of one pizza guy (pizza deliverer) sitting on his motorbike, wearing Toyobo Boots! Our follower asked that pizza guy the reason why he wears Toyobo Boots for his daily work, his answer “Now it’s raining season. Everyday it’s raining, and sometimes it’s really wet and slippery on the road. To keep my pizza delivered, I need to wear something that can protect my feet. One day when I was on the shopping errand, I saw these boots, so I decide to buy one for me.”

“So on the rainy season, it is a very wise decision for me to keep this boot and wear it daily. It’s not only helps me on my daily activities, it also protects my feet, and water resistance,” the pizza guy explained.

Our conclusion? Our products not only specialised in one area, but also can used daily, especially in this rainy season. Have you bought one for your daily activities?

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