There are many questions out there asking us about the difference between waterproof and water resistant boots. And we hope in this article, we could answer some of your question about these difference.



In simple words, waterproof boots will keep your feet totally dry. It is made from waterproof material that doesn’t soak up water at all. Waterproof boots will keep your feet dry. A water resistant boot will repel water, so the water will soak into the boot more slowly.


Each type of boot has its own usage and benefits. In Indonesia, mostly we use waterproof boots, especially for people work in wet and muddy environment (gardener, delivery man), and waterproof boots ideal for rainy season. On the other hand, water resistant boots are not quiet popular in Indonesia. Water resistant boots best to be worn in snow or wet streets.


Both boots are given a IP Rating Scale rating to show their level of water protection. IPX-0 for no water protection, and the highest is IPX-8 which will make your feet still dry even if you submerge the boot.

Toyobo Boots – which one?

Our boots mostly made from waterproof material. The best quality PVC, which will repel every drop of water into your feet, and have the IPX-8 rating. Toyobo Boots will protect your feet and keep your feet dry, ideal for working in muddy and wet environment. For more information, browse our collections here.

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